Aryan Khan Girlfriend

Aryan Khan Girlfriend – Aryan Khan has seen many times on the media with his girlfriend

Aryan Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan often sees friends in parties. 

And he is a player by nature owner. Friends, Aryan Khan has seen many times on the media with his girlfriend. According to reports, Aryan Khan is dating Nura Fatehi. And both of them saw each other during the day in Dubai. 

Aryan Khan Girlfriend

Aryan Khan Girlfriend


Ananya Pandey

Bollywood star kids are always on social media and news are always coming up about them. Star kids are far from Bollywood’s interest but they are always on the limelight. In today’s Blog we will tell you about Bollywood’s real girlfriend and boyfriends. 

And who are they dating right now. If you want to know about love affairs of star kids, then do attention to this blog till the end.

Ananya Pandey, Ananya Pandey’s daughter is very innocent and jolly friendly. Ananya Pandey is spending a luxurious life and is in Thailand right now. 

And is enjoying her holidays. According to reports, Ananya’s boyfriend went to Thailand with Vedang Raina. Both of them shared a picture and they are dating each other.

Sohana Khan 

Friends, Shahrukh Khan and Gori Khan’s daughter Sohana Khan is also on the limelight. Sohana Khan is very fond of parties. Friends, Sohana Khan is in a relationship with Agastya Nanda. 

And they are dating each other. Recently, in New Year’s party, their pictures were viral on social media. Nitizen said that they are dating each other.

Janvik Kapoor

Janvik Kapoor Friends, Janvik Kapoor is the daughter of Bonikapur. And she is spending her life very comfortably. She takes whatever she likes. No matter how expensive she is, she has become a popular actress. 

And she is always on the limelight because of her looks and appearance. According to reports, the new boyfriend of Janvik Kapoor is Shekhar Periyar. Both of them recently got a spot after a family dinner. 

Navya Navelli Nanda , the actor who ruled the Navya Bollywood industry is Amita Bachchan’s granddaughter. Navya is very fond of parties. Navya sees many parties with her friends. 

And she doesn’t miss attending any party. Friends, according to reports, Navya’s boyfriend is Siddharth Chaturvedi.

Naisa devgan

Naisa devgan , Kajol and Ajay Dehgan’s daughter Naisa has often seen the boys in parties. 

And recently Naisa devgan had gone to celebrate New Year’s party. From where her few pictures were viral on social media. Naisa was very quickly seen with her boyfriend Orhan Atramani. 

Yes, Naisa is dating Orhan for a long time.

Ibrahim Ali Khan

Ibrahim Ali Khan, Ibrahim Ali Khan is Navabza devgan’s son. According to reports, he is a playboy. And he has been seen with many girls. 

These Days, Ibrahim Khan is dating TV actress Suhita Tiwari’s daughter, Palak Tiwari. And both of them have been spotted together. So friends, these were the love affairs of Bollywood star kids. 

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